Chanel Ombre Contraste in Notorious – contour of the future

When think about this post, I was not sure if this new limited product by Chanel was a case of “the emperor and his clothes”. There has been such a ‘halabaloo’ about this hard to get contouring product, that I was unsure whether we were all nodding our head in unison, while all looking like some deathly monsters from the bog! Well, after hunting and securing this baby when it launched in Hong Kong about 2 weeks ago (many thanks to Kai from kaiobsessions for going out of her way and making a few phone calls and reserving one for my travelling husband to pick up), I can without a doubt say that this is a collector’s item as so far as their is no other product like this on the market , albeit a high-end one. Chanel has touted this as a ‘sculpting veils for eyes and cheek’- it really delivers a  ‘haute’ look with exquisitely hollowed out cheeks ( -enter the mummy left) and hauntingly beautifully shaped eyes.

This really is a breathe of fresh air. All of my contouring products contour add warmth to my skin. The Chanel Ombre Contraste plays more with light and shadow in the true sense adding depth and darkness to your face. Less is more with this powder as a strong hand will render you a ghoul in the making with a strange lavender gray cast. I worked it gently, more to the back of the hollow of my cheek (with the enclosed brush) and like a whisper pulled it forward along my hollow, then buff with a bigger powder brush. When I felt it was still a bit too strong I blended over with my foundation buffing (or stippling) brush with my left overs from my foundation application. Try this a few times as it does take practice. The powder has a delicate luminosity to stop this being a very flat mistake.
This dual purpose product can also be used on the crease or depending on your eye shape, just above your crease to  give dimension and shape to your eye for a chic bare makeup look. I am loving my Chanel Ombre Contraste in Notorious! So Happy Halloween- let the only monster be those knocking on your door for a trick or treat!
Applause for homemade pumpkin……..
What is your best trick for contouring?

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