Burberry Siren Red Collection Part 2 – Gold Pearl Sheer Eyeshadow and PINK Sweet Pea Lip Glow

Onto part 2 of this excellent spring 2013 Collection.
The makeup adorning the models faces are mirroring the beautiful high voltage bags (see here) and capes on the Runway. Pink Sweet Pea Lip Glow (and the 3 other new Lip Glow shades) are bright and look like a vinyl overlay when applied on your lips. I chose Sweet Pea as it was limited. It is a electric pink with a cobalt blue shimmer running through it. The packaging is of course is luxurious. A beautiful Burberry lid tops off this unusual square lipgloss.

The Lip glow is full of ceramides to help plump (not sure) the lips and oils to nourish. This has got to be one of my favourite lip gloss formula’s. It has a classic lipstick scent. I do prefer a vanilla scent, but it is not off putting. The gloss has minimal stickiness and my lips feel hydrated while wearing the gloss as well as after it has worn off. Once the gloss wears off, a pink stain is left behind. While highly pigmented the colour is transparent with a subtle shine, so my lips are bright, but still wearable for everyday. I have previously reviewed a similar colour from Becca (here). The Burberry shade is more transparent, less shiny and more for daily use.

You can see the blue shimmer in the sunlight
A gorgeous pigmented sheer pink

Sheer Eyeshadow in Gold Pearl is a light sheer wash of colour with ever so slight matching micro shimmer. If you are light- med in complexion this would run a bit lighter than your skintone, which brightens your eye area, when applied as an all over wash. Many have complained that it is too sheer, but it compliments the punch colours of the light glow cheek colours in Hydrangea Pink (reviewed here) and Coral Pink and the bold lip glows in this collection. the contrast works well together and was planned to perfection.TIP: A great new way of using the fresh glow Burberry primer is to mix it with a darker nude Burberry eyeshadow like Pale Barley and work into the crease area over your freshly applied Gold Pearl to create a bit of depth to the eye area. Gold Pearl swatches chalky, but on the eye is soft and glittery (don’t run away, it’s a luminous sheer effect).

Just does not capture the iridescence!

Comparison Burberry Porcelain, Burberry Gold Pearl
Gold Pearl as a all over wash

This rounds up my picks for Burberry spring 2013.
I would love to know if you picked up any of the Burberry Collection.

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