By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in Baby Bloom

By Terry launched their  Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge for Spring 2013. There are 10 scintillating shades. I honestly could not choose, but decided to go with Baby Bloom, sight unseen. It turns out that this is a similar shade to Burberry Lip Cover Tulip Pink. A baby rosebud colour that is more peachy that pink.
Baby Bloom appears slighter brighter than Tulip Pink. This shade is quite opaque for a sheer formula.
Baby Bloom as a milky quality to it giving it a 60’s sex kitten look. My only criticism it the strong Rose scent a signature of By Terry Products. I like it, just not in my lipsticks. But having said that I don’t dislike enough not to buy more.

Terry de Gunzburg wanted a ‘aqua glossy melt away balm’. Me’ thinks she managed just that- almost! By Terry is slowly releasing some gems that all form part of the Hyaluronic range. I do have 2 other products : Hyaluronic Face Glow and the Hyaluronic Primer which are both outstanding (and will be reviewed soon) This product is meant to plump and fill. I had noticed that when wearing this my lips (full already) did seem more voluptuous. It does give a nice shine to the lips, more of a sheen in contrast to the new high gloss Tom Ford Lip Color Shine (reviewed here). This has a bit more ‘weight’ to it that the Chantecaille Lip Chic which have more slip. I did however found my lips felt a bit ‘tight’ and it was not as balmy as I’d Like.

L-R By Terry Baby Bloom, Burberry Tulip Pink
Look out for By Terry’s NEW Hyaluronic Hydra Blush that is on pre-order on a few sites – on my wish list already!
Do you have a favourite lipstick formula – Sheer, creamy or matte?
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15 Replies to “By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in Baby Bloom”

  1. Hello Replica,
    The By Terry seems to sap my lips of a bit of moisture. It has a strange silcone feel. The TF in my opinion while feel more tacky and less moisturising has more comfort in the long run. Which colour do you have your eye on?

  2. I wish I had seen your swatch before I ordered Baby Bloom!! Still not sure if I should try it or just exchange for another color. Think I would like it if it was more sheer, but if it's more opaque than it is sheer…eesh…I just don't' know!!! Thank you for the review!

  3. Hi JoaneP- I am enjoying Baby Bloom- good for spring summer looks. At the moment I seem to be on a cool tone bender. I have recently bought a few that are very similar, almost too similar, but it seems to be my leaning at the moment-and u, what are your favourite shades?
    I love sheer formula's for everyday, but am loving Burberry Velvet mattes too!

  4. I was going to get a few but you are the second person to have said about the lack of moisture now so I think I will just go for Dare to Bare, I'm a fan of By Terry so can't resist trying ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for your thoughts on these, it has been really helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ok, so against my better judgement (and yours) I was curious and went ahead and tried it on. EW. Not good or even remotely salvageable!!! You are right…Barbie lips and on me that's definitely not a nice look. Boo.

  6. Ok I tried topping it with the by Terry gloss I got & I really like that combo!! I also tried it under a few lipsticks & it mutes out my lip color (as a nude pencil would) & really brightens up the lippies!! Ok…crisis averted!!! Need to try it with the Burberry glosses as you suggested!!

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