Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in # 6 – Out of this world

Giorgio Armani fluid sheers snuck up on me. I only knew of their existance with the launch of their new colours for Summer 2013. Why a banner is not blinking over them at every Armani counter surprises me, as they are my number one find for summer. First off please excuse the condition of my products for all my Summer Armani items. My initial photo’s of pristine and shiny packaging and swatches were the work of Gremlins on my computer and just vanished! Moving on….The packaging has also been revamped and now the colour is visible. A pump dispenses this ‘liquid gold’. The portion is generous and this fluid sheer should last me into the next millenium or so…….

I bought this blind and basically of swatches from Best Things in Beauty who has swatches of all the new shades. I could not choose but eventually bought # 6. Both number # 4 (yellow) and #9 (raspberry pink) are on my ‘list’. But, back to heavenly # 6, a bright juicy coral. As you can see from the swatches below, it is highly pigmented and a little is all you need. In the swatch, I have sheered it out, and you can tell it has a pretty shimmer. What I love, is that once applied to the cheek, there is no disco-ball effect at all. Just a healthy glow to my cheeks. The fluid sheer stays on all day on my oily cheeks and looks fresh and pretty. This shade does not accentuate any redness in my skin. The fluid sheers are meant to be complexion correctors, illuminators and cheek colours. This is of course a  blush. My experimenting still continues and I am trying it mixed with various foundations. The fun will come in when I can accumulate more than one of these fluid sheers to create new and unique shades.

Fluid Sheer 6 over Armani Luminous Silk 5,5

I cannot rave about this new love of mine any more. Have you made any exciting discoveries this year?

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  1. 6 is beautiful and looks incredible on your skin! I went and swatched them at the counter and the blush + tan + highlighting combinations are endless with them.

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