Giorgio Armani Bronze All Over Palette for Summer 2013

Giorgio Armani has released a well edited collection for Summer 2013. The Bronze All Over Palette is a gorgeous 2-tiered compact, housing a bronzer above and complimentary shadows below. As I said before my initial photo’s absconded off my apple, so please note the picture shown below is without the gold overlay and my applicators are sullied. What a thing of beauty. Great for travel and well, just darn great! The bronze reads quite ‘orange’ on the swatch, but is more golden on the cheeks. This for me is not a contour, bit definitely a bronzer shade (which it was intended for). There is a sheen to it with no chunky glitters. Very sophisticated. The three shadows are a good mix for your usual ‘outer v formation’ – Darkest shade into your outer corner, blended into the crease towards the inner corner  The medium shade for  eyelid area and the lightest for highlighting the tear duct and eyebrow area. Yet, a simmering sexy look ala the promo pic and this turns you into one hot mama, with smouldering bronze lids and sun baked cheeks. Just build the Deep Bronze shade over your whole lid. Take the peachy brown medium shade and blend from the crease upwards. Use the lightest cool cream to highlight as before. I’ve worn it this way and love it! The shadows are silky and have a lovely velvet texture. These seem more pigmented than my first Armani eyes to kill palette Maestro 01 (reviewed here), which had a more sheer quality to them.

L-R Bronzer, Cream, Peach, Bronze

This Palette is a one stop shop for a summer look! Have you made a list from Armani’s summer collection?

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    It is indeed yummy!- Armani makes many desirable products and this is no exception. Thank goodness I do not have a counter near me as I would probably go broke! if you decide to take the bronzer plunge this is a good one as well as Nars Lauguna!

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