Tom Ford Eye Colour quad in Sahara Haze

Tom Ford in Sahara Haze is a modern mix of texture and shades, in the green family.This palette is a sultry mix of olive shades. The highlight shade is a yellowed cream, which works with the other 3 shades. The next shade in the top is a satin gray green – quite unusual. The next shade is the usual Tom Ford glitter stunner. It is a lively crisp green that brightens the palette – this shade requires fingers to apply in a patting motion. The last shade is a deep olive with pewter undertones .
This palette will work with most skin tones and hair colours. My recents ‘oops’ at the hairdresser has left me with decidedly auburn locks with blonde ends (ombre attempt gone bad) so these greens look really nice with my red tones-make lemonade out of lemons so they say…….This quad has a chameleon quality as it sometimes has a silver look to it once applied to my eyes – almost like the colour of wet stone. I found that pairing it with different shades of eyeliner also changes the quality of the shades. A blue liner brought out the same in the shadows.

Tom Ford has done greens really well. This quad can give a subdued look or amped up for an edgy performance. These shades stay on all day and remain vivid and fresh. Love , Love, Love!!

Sahara Haze is a quad worth investing in. Of course, I am a Tom Ford fan, but seriously this one did not disappoint me at all.

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  1. I have not met a TF palette I did not like- this is the most 'sheer' palette of the lot- but I think the softer shades makes it looks sheer- still very pigmented.
    I love how it reads differently on the eyes. I have brown eyes which seems to temper down the green tones. worth a swatch!

  2. They do make some very intriguing looking greens! Do you also have Emerald Lust that was released along with Enchanted. That one was stunning, too. 🙂

  3. No!!!! I was in London in November last year but they had sold out already – sad I missed them. I am trying to organise Seductive Rose and Burnished Amber while family viiting Honk Kong- fingers crossed x

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