Troy Surratt Lipslique in Hevyn and Bon Bon

Another purchase from the Troy Surrat line were two lip products called Lipsliques. I chose two easy to wear shades that are now permanent fixtures in my bag. First, lets’s talk texture. They have a light, comfortable feel with a bit of tackiness, which allows them to hug the lips for longer wear. Both shades have medium opacity, but still have a sheer look with a glossy finish. This is my favourite type of finish as you can just slip it on in a hurry and it is very forgiving to unconditioned, unprepped lips. Easy Breezy!

Hevyn is my go to every day lip. At first I thought it might have too much brown to it. On the lips it is my own lips transformed.  A neutral Rose that adds colour to my lips. It is their bestseller for good reason. Bon Bon is all kinds of wonderful. It is a cool pastel pink, that gives a fresh and feminine look. It is lighter than my natural lip shade, and might look too light on girls darker than my roughly NC 25 skin tone. I think for fair ladies, this will dance on on their lips – a pretty pastel for spring, will make blue eye’s pop too!

Hevyn, Bon Bon


Bon Bon

I’m already dreaming of my next Lipsliques and have the shades already to go, namely Rubis, Perfictioniste and Chuchoter. Also to note, the packaging is compact and sleek. These are like candy, one is just not enough!!

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  1. Hello my dear frond!
    The lipsliques are amazeballs (sorry wanted to use that 'word'). Thanks to your review I know I had to have these and thanks to your gorgeous swatches I am struggling to narrow down my wishlist for more:)- my lips love this formula!

  2. Hey Jo, I've read about this brand on a couple of blogs (Belly's included), and MAN LOOK AT Hevyn!!! It looks like a shade I can wear EVERY DAY! Truly lovely!

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