By Terry Cellularose Blush Glace in Rose Melba – Spring 2014

By Terry brought out three pretty cheek confections for Spring 2014. Rose Melba, Flower Sorbet and Frozen Petal are a must have for all By Terry Fans. This itsy, bitsy tub of delicately whipped Glace gives a subtle flush to the cheeks. The size of the jar is probably the same of their famous lip Baume de Rose. My only fear is when I dab my finger into this gel like product, is that my giant-like fingers (in comparison to the jar) might just gouge out a large amount out of clumsiness. Packaging aside, let’s look further at this product.

I tend to veer towards bright, clown cheek colours, so I chose Rose Melba, the lightest of the three shades. Rose Melba is described as as a ‘retro pink’ which is a perfect description. I wanted a more pared back effect. It is quite a frightful shade in the jar, but sheers out to a believable flush. It is lightweight and gives a fresh faced look to my cheeks. The finish is satin with no sparkle. Warning: It does not have hours of lasting power and if you are so inclined will require touch ups through the day. Let me be clear this did not last on me at all. It is also meant to have a skincare benefit as well, as it is infused with White Rose Native Cells which is the core to their new Cellularose range. I do not use it often enough to say yes or no to this. Application wise, fingers in a patting motion to warm the product into the cheeks worked best for me. I did experience some patchiness as I erred on not blending it in enough as in pat, pat, pat, pat, pat and then pat some more! – did I say pat. I also noticed some product catching on some dry patches. This shade would suit fair ladies up to about a NC 25 – It is very light on me

Okay, so cute product, but a bit to much high maintenance for me. Maybe in this instance the brighter Flower Sorbet or Frozen Petal might have worked better on my skin tone. I love my By Terry products, and I have quite a few beauties still to review. The jury is still out on this one.

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