Perfect your complexion with Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow, Light Wonder and Air Brush Flawless Finish

I have over the last year or so become a foundation junkie. The array of vitamin enriched, luminizing, matte, long lasting, velvet anti-aging foundations available can really boggle the mind. With every new release comes the promise of a flawless, porcelain complexion, that lures you in. Foundation is definitely subjective and should be chosen according to your own set of requirements and skin conditions (okay, I have tried a few *dozen* unsuitable candidates just to ‘see’ if it might be ‘the one’). Thankfully I do not have to look out for ingredient particulars as I am not too sensitive, other than oil-free which is more suitable for my oily skin. I do gravitate towards lighter looking foundations in warmer months.

Light Wonder Youth Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation

Since the Charlotte Tilbury foundation came out with her new line I have wanted it. I love a light- medium coverage that is natural and satin. I need to steer clear of overtly luminizing foundations such as the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat which is just too dewy and renders my skin into a greasy disaster. With that being said, products like Hourglass Immaculate foundation, which one would think would be perfect for my skin is too flat and heavy looking for my tastes. Skin must look like skin, just my perfect version. Enter Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation.

Starting with the packaging: this is my least favourite packaging from the CT line. It does not scream luxe, however this durable plastic tube is perfect for travel and while it will not win any design awards, is practical and works just fine.
Scent: there is a light scent that I cannot put my finger on. It goes away almost immediately.
Wear Time: From a 6:30 am start, it last pretty well into the early afternoon. On my oily skin you are still able to see it into early evening, just not as perfect. There is oily breakthrough about 3 hrs in, but a fresh swipe of the Charlotte Tilbury powder or blotting paper takes care of that. Those with oily skin could possibly agree with me, that there is no miracle cure for oily skin, just some products that work better with my skin and do not make it look oilier. The Wonder Glow does hold the oil at bay longer.
Finish: This gives my skin a perfected skin-like finish that has a slight glow to it, which allows it to look like skin. I find it covers all my discolouration and imperfections and can be layered for more coverage. My pores look softened and my skin fresh. It feels light on the skin. You will not get full coverage, so if you like that this one is not for you. It does have collagen boosting properties and other claims. My skin feels soft at the end of the day and looks well hydrated.  I have used this with a number of primers, with the best results being with the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow. I’m not usually so matchy-matchy, but these work well together. Oil control is upped and longevity boosted.

I initially bought shade 7. While this worked on my skin, it was not 100% perfect. It gave me a sun-kissed look. I phoned to ask about the shades and this is what I understood. 6 goes more pink, 5 more yellow than 7. I settled (and prayed) on shade 4 (the darkest in their fair range). The SA said this was a very popular shade as it worked and adapted to a number skin tones. It is a wonderful match. I have noted that the lovely Ruth from AModelRecommends uses the same shade. I tend to think I am a bit darker and warmer. This has become my daily fool-proof foundation. I am also loving my newish Ellis Faas foundation, but my CT has been in heavy use.

L-R Wonder Glow, Light Wonder 4, Light Wonder 7, Air Brush Powder in 2
Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash

This is a golden hued primer, that once on the skin give a natural satin finish with no shimmer or colour at all. I have used it primarily with my CT Light Wonder foundation. They say you could wear it on its own, but I think unless you have 20-ish baby skin you will want to layer with your favourite foundation. It can be used over foundation, as a subtle luminizer on your cheek and brow bones. It can also be used mixed with your foundation as well. When doing this make sure the proportion of the Wonder Glow to the foundation is more to see any added glow. It does have a blurring effect, as my skin, lines and pores do look fresher. It is also packed with anti-aging properties so it adds to the effect of the CT foundation – so matchy-matchy works again in this case. It does not feel sticky at all, AND not heavy on that silicone ‘slip’ feel- more silky.

Air Brush Flawless Finish

This is a beautiful powder that I use to top my CT foundation. I chose shade two, which works with both shades 4 and 7. It does have a colour to it, but does not alter the foundation colour at all. It is my favourite powder to date (I do have Surratt on the way). It helps with oil control and while I can still get a shine, it’s not as mirror-like and can be powdered over while still looking sheer. This is in the same size packaging as the blush which I have reviewed here, but in a rosegold finish. It is insanely finely milled and I see a definite blurring of pores etc. It must be those sci-fi ‘nano particles’!

The picture above shows my skin with all three Charlotte Tilbury layers in full sunlight. They have all met my expectations and they are a dream to use. Have you made any beauty discoveries of late that you cannot do without?

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  1. These look really good on you. Principally I never buy foundation without trying so I will be waiting for the day a CT counters appears in Germany lol. How did you managed to get the right shade?

  2. i was just wondering do you think wonderglow would be suitable for sensitive skins how strong is the fragrance is it particularly irrating , thanks love your review 🙂

  3. Hi HARQ,
    It is hard to say if it is suitable for sensitive skins as it would depend on you sensitivity trigger. It does have a light scent that I can smell on application. I do not have overly sensitive skin so hard to say if you would have a reaction-are u able to use similar primer products?

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