Drunk Elephant – a review and my recommendations

Drunk Elephant is the go to brand for clean beauty, that not only has the prettiest packaging, but some real stellar products .  They combine the concept of ‘clean’ beauty with elimination the ‘suspicious 6’, with sound science.

They coined the phrase ‘suspicious 6’ which refers to the adherence to the elimination of the following 6 ingredients thought to be aggravating and the cause of many skin conditions. They are Silicone’s, Fragrances/Dyes, Chemical sunscreens, Drying alcohols, Essential Oils and SLS. They say this allows for easy layering, with all pH levels correct and safe to have products with the utmost effectiveness.


Drunk Elephants has a simple line-up of products, all with a specific well-thought out purpose. I have tried out 7 of their products and here are on my thoughts on them:

Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser– This is possibly one of the most gentlest cleansers I have ever tried. This is fragrance free jelly type gel, that in my experience,for the best result should be massaged well on dry skin, to get rid of makeup, dirt and pollution. Alternatively, use as a light morning cleanser. Those with sensitive skin should really enjoy this product.

T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial– The name says it all, This product packs a punch of 25% AHA Blend and  2% Salycylic Acid. This is combined with soothing extracts and other super ingredients to reveal glowing skin. This is the most effective at-home peel I have used. On application, expect a scratchy tingle, which dissipates after a few minutes. Just 20 minutes and my skin is left smooth, fresh looking with a big emphasis on glow. I use it every 2 weeks rather than the suggestion of every week. This is my favourite Drunk Elephant product. 10 industry awards for this baby!

C-Firma Day Serum-15% l-ascorbic-acid, 0.5% Ferulic Acid and 1% Vitamin E. makes this a very elegant formulation. Simple with high percentages of the active ingredients, C-firma can be used in the daytime, always followed with a sunscreen. Vitamin C is best for reducing pigmentation, evening out skin-tone and as an anti-oxidant. I saw no major brightening with this serum and rather use it for its powerful protective properties. Light in texture, this products layers well under any moisturiser and makeup.

Shaba Complex Eye Serum-I really wanted this product as my first DE product. Main ingredients are copper peptides, niacinamide, edelweiss stem cells  and black tea ferment. This is meant to be a a 360 degree eye cream for the whole orbital area- as in under eye and creepy lids. I found this eye cream lightweight, absorbed well and lightly hydrating. I saw no dramatic improvement in my puffiness, though to be fair, it not touted to tackle this. I think this eye cream is best suited to younger eyes than mine, which would be the below 40 age group.

Protini Polypetide Cream- A super powered moisturizer, which has 9 ‘signal’ peptides. These peptides signal the skin to become stronger, firmer and boost all round repair. As a moisturizer, I found it light on my oil prone skin, soothing dehydration. I also mixed with many of the other Drunk Elephant products like the C-Firma and Lala, to customize my daily routine.

Lala Retro Whipped Cream-This moisturizer is as decadent as the name suggests. This cream is luscious and deeply hydrating without being greasy. It sinks right into my skin. With a slew of skin loving ingredients I highly recommend it.

Virgin Marula Luxury Oil- I received the small trial size and loved every drop. An oil filled with ingredients like omega’s and a high percentage of tocopherol, this oil is deeply nourishing. I used it at night. In the morning my skin felt supple and looked well rested. Definitely worth a second look.

Drunk Elephant is launching this week in the UK, which will also make it more accessible to international skincare lovers. They say these products are best used together as they layer well while ensuring each product reaches the skin with maximum efficacy. I have used them as such, as well as incorporated into my regular routine. The packaging ensures they stay as fresh as possible, with them being in airless pumps, in various forms.

Have you used Drunk Elephant. Is the idea of them being ‘clean’ beauty being the most important factor in you using them? I would love to know your thoughts!

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